Game room with lots of stuffs with a bar table and stools

Enhance your bar or basement to create an energetic space with games

Your guests, friends, or family will be thrilled each time they get together to play.

Well made table football Nice golden finished shuffleboard

After viewing this video on Manufacturing marvels.There ill be no doubt that you have made the right choice in Olhausen for your pool table\billiards and game room furniture Investment.

Video game machine

Why Olhausen is the best in shuffleboards!

Over forty years of Olhausen craftsmanship has gone into building the World's Best Pool Tables and Billiards. We have now applied our knowledge and experience into a spectacular line of American Made Shuffleboard Tables. Available in similar designs to match our trusted pool tables and billiards as well as finishes. Also available in many sizes. We are sure our new shuffleboard tables, backed by our lifetime warranty, will add hours of family fun to your home!

Unique crowd pleasing entertainment for your lifestyle

Spruce up your space with games to keep your family and guests actively besting one another. It’s more fun to hang out when you’re winning together!

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• Shuffleboards
• Air hockey tables
Darts and dart boards
Pinball machines
Video games

Don’t forget about FREE delivery and professional installation!

Add the perfect accessories to make your space pop

Create your dream bar and delight in all of the options available to personalize your gathering place.

• Bars and bar stools
• Juke boxes
• Collectibles

Olhausen Shuffle Boards

Create the entertaining room you’ve always visualized. Visit or call today!


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