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After viewing this video on Manufacturing marvels.There ill be no doubt that you have made the right choice in Olhausen for your pool table\billiards and game room furniture Investment.

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NHL Great Chooses Olhausen for his Game Room!

Aaron Ward, who last played for the Carolina Hurricanes, teamed up with Olhausen Billiards and decided on the perfect addition to his game room: the Seville Pool Table by Olhausen. "When it came time to purchase a pool table for my family I certainly did my research, I wanted a quality table that was built in North America..."


Build your own table

Create the ultimate hangout for your home or bar

When you seek a brand that stands for quality, buy an Olhausen billiard table. Olhausen tables come with a lifetime warranty. Stop by today to have your questions answered by knowledgeable staff.

Select your favorite uniquely designed table, or ask about custom designing an Olhausen table. Some favorite decorative table themes include -
• Georgia Bulldogs – Go Dawgs!
• Other collegiate tables
• Budweiser
• Jack Daniels
• Harley Davidson
• John Deere

Trust quality-made products hand-delivered to you

Made in America, it’s the small details that make your table great. There is a table for every taste and budget.

Olhausen Billiard and Pool Tables offer you a serious range of options –

Select Series – High quality tables, artfully crafted to be both functional and attractive
Signature Series – Detailed tables made of 100% American hardwood
Portland Series, Americana Series – Quality solid wood at a great price
V Series – Veneered to be beautiful for a value price
L Series – Laminate series is durable and meets an entry level budget
Modern Series and Tournaments Series –Sleek craftsmanship on a forward thinking table
Rustic Series – Beautifully crafted of Ponderosa Pine to match woodsy decor

Accu-fast Cushion Rubber Guaranteed for Life
Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on all Pool Tables and Billiards
Exclusive carrier of: Middle Georgia’s Authorized Olhausen Billiards Dealer


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Call today to let us know what your dream table would look like.


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